Knackered Denim

``KNACKARD'' is an original brand from Heath Industries Yokohama 

The brand philosophy is inspired by items that are packaged with the rugged and powerful atmosphere of American culture. We offer a rich lineup of classic American casual items, from motor culture items such as motorcycles and cars to original denim with a focus on heavy-duty retro outdoor activities. 

Knackered original jeans made with the image of "Manhattan" in the United States have been renewed, using the highest quality domestic selvedge (red selvedge) denim.

Kojima, Okayama is a factory with many craftsmen who receive requests from famous brands, and each piece is carefully and painstakingly processed from sewing to processing.

The eye-catching, high-quality handiwork is true craftsmanship. We paid attention not only to the fabric, but also to the denim that symbolized America in the early 1950s, recreating vintage denim as much as possible.

Material: 100% cotton

Made in Japan