UES -Universal, Ethical & Sustainable since 1967

UES clothing is your own activity log that records the wearer's lifestyle through changes in the material over time. The origins of UES date back to 1967. When the company was founded, it manufactured and wholesaled baby clothes. The annual production volume (240,000 pieces) of Darurma rompers, the company's main product at the time, was equivalent to approximately 10% of the number of births at the time. Many Japanese people currently in their 40s and 50s probably grew up wearing clothes from UES.

UES clothes change beautifully over time, and the more you use them, the more their texture deepens. The daily life of the wearer is imprinted on the clothes through realistic damage such as torn fabric, discolouration, wrinkles, and broken stitches, creating a sense of texture. Wearing UES products is an experience of creating (nurturing) clothes that are irreplaceable, imprinted with memories, and deeply attached to them.

In other words, your life is engraved on the denim, and UES denim serves as an activity log. A lifestyle of valuing one thing and values that empathize with that concept and try to put it into practice will reduce waste and lead to sustainability. UES is clothing that allows you to have fun and experience the culture of ``mottainai.''